Luz Farms vs Sec of DAR (Digest)

August 9, 2018 | Author: Arahbells | Category: Farms, Livestock, Agriculture, Due Process Clause, Social Institutions
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Luz Farms vs Sec. of DAR  G.R. No. 86889. December 4, 1990. FACTS In 1988, RA 6657 was approved by the President of the Philippines. It incldes the raisin! of livestoc", poltry, and swine in its covera!e. In 1989, the #ecretary of A!rarian Refor$ pro$l!ated the IRR of #ecs. 11, 1%, and %9 of the said law. &' (ar$s is a corporation en!a!ed in the livestoc" and poltry bsiness alle!edly stands to be adversely a)ected by the enforce$ent of so$e provisions of *ARP. &' (ar$s +estions the followin! provisions of R.A. 6657, insofar as they are $ade to apply to it a- #ect #ectio ion n %b%b- whic which h incl incld des es the the /rai /raisi sin! n! of live livest stoc oc" " and and pol poltr tryy-// in the the de0nition of /A!ricltral, A!ricltral nterprise or A!ricltral Activity. b- #ect #ectio ion n 11 whic which h de0n de0nes es /co$ /co$$e $errcial cial far$ far$s/ s/ as /pri /priva vate te a!ri a!ric clt ltr ral al land lands s devoted to co$$ercial, livestoc", poltry and swine raisin! . . ./ c- #ection 1% which calls pon petitioner petitioner to e2ecte e2ecte a prodction3sharin! prodction3sharin! plan. plan. d- #ect #ectio ion n 16d 16d-- and and 17 whic which h vest vest on the the 4epa 4epart rt$e $ent nt of A! A!ra rari rian an Refor efor$ $ the the athority athority to s$$arily s$$arily deter$ine deter$ine the st co$pensatio co$pensation n to be paid for lands covered by the *o$prehensive A!rarian Refor$ &aw e- #ection % which spells ot the prodction3sharin! prodction3sharin! plan $entioned $entioned in #ection 1% f- /. . . -hereb -hereby y three three percent percent %%- of the !ross !ross sales sales fro$ fro$ the prodc prodction tion of sch sch lands lands are distrib distribted ted within within si2ty si2ty 66- days days of the end of the 0scal 0scal year year as co$pensation to re!lar and other far$wor"ers far$wor"ers in sch lands over and above the co$pensation they crrently receive 222 •


1. :; the *AR& *AR& shold inclde the the raisin! of livestoc", poltry and swine in its covera!e. . :; the re+ire$ent re+ire$ent in #ections #ections 1% and % of RA RA 6657 directin! directin! here are no tenants nor landlords in livestoc" and poltry b[email protected] b. &ivestoc" and poltry do not sprot fro$ [email protected] c. &and is not a pri$ary reso[email protected] d. &ivestoc" and poltry prodction are indstrial [email protected] e. &ivestoc" and poltry far$wor"ers are covered by $ini$$ wa!e law rather than by tenancy law.  %"R!S&R"D#NC# Ra's'() of *'ves+oc, -ou*+r, a(/ s'(e are ec*u/e/ from +2e covera)e of +2e CARL.

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