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Name Class Date edTPA Indirect Instruction Lesson Plan Template Ride Those Waves  _____________  ____________________ _____________ _____________ _____________ ______________ ______________ _____________ _____________ _____________ __________  ___  Central Focus/Big Idea: Electromagnetic spectrum Subject of this lesson: Different lesson:  Different tpes of electromagnetic ras and e!amples Grade Level: "rade Level:  "rade # NC Essential Standard(s: #$P$%$& E!plain the relationship among visi'le light( the electromagnetic spectrum( and sight$

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Ne!t Generation Science Standard(s: P)*$A+Wave Properties A simple -ave -ave has a repeating repeating pattern pattern -ith -ith a specific specific -avelength( -avelength( fre.uenc( fre.uenc( and and amplitude$ amplitude$ /0)1P)*1%2 A sound sound -ave -ave needs needs a medium medium throug through h -hich it is trans transmitte mitted d /0)1P)*1& /0)1P)*1&22 "#st Centur$ S%ills+ S%ills + Information Literac1 )tudents -ill have to loo3 up scientific definition in their te!t'oo3s$ Information and Communications Technolog Literac1 )tudents -ill pla a 4ahoot game as a class on their computers to demonstrate their understanding of the content$ &cade'ic Language e'and  Anal5e



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)tudents -ill categori5e everda items into -ave tpes used ' the item$ )tudents -ill 'e as3ed to e!plain ho- various -aves tpes are descri'ed and e!plain their characteristics$ Scientific )ocabular$: Electromagnetic )ocabular$:  Electromagnetic spectrum( radiation( radio -aves( micro-aves( visi'le light( infrared light( ultraviolet light( !1ras( gamma ras( -avelengths(

Instructional *bjective: )tudents *bjective:  )tudents -ill 'e a'le to identif all 8 parts of the electromagnetic spectrum and 'e a'le to give an e!ample of each one$ Additionall( the -ill 'e a'le to successfull complete a folda'le on the electromagnetic spectrum$ +rior ,no-ledge (student: )tudents (student:  )tudents should understand the definition of an electromagnetic -ave and 3no- the general parts of the -ave$ )tudents should 'e a'le to participate in a 4ahoot game online$ )tudents should 'e a'le to complete a folda'le$ Content ,no-ledge (teacher: The teacher should understand the electromagnetic spectrum$ The should also 'e a'le to distinguish -hich -aves are visi'le to humans and the order in -hich the -aves are organi5ed$ The teacher should also 3no- the parts of the -ave$ &cco''odations for s.ecial needs (individual and/or s'all grou.: We -ill ma3e laout of the folda'les ahead of time for the students to save time during class for the lesson$ 9or ELL students( pictures can 'e utili5ed in the folda'le instead of -ritten -ords and definitions$

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aterials and 0echnolog$ re1uire'ents: Compu Compute terr for for teac teache herr -ith -ith pro: pro:ect ector  or  each each stu stude dent nts; s; Chro Chrome me'o 'oo3 o3 /Ins /Inser ertt clas class s num num'e 'er2 r2 pap paper  er  /Ins /Inser ertt clas class s num' num'er er22 penc pencil ils s /Ins /Inser ertt clas class s num' num'er er22 scis scisso sors rs %pac %pac3 3 per per ta'l ta'le e colo colore red d mar3 mar3er ers s 0otal Esti'ated 0i'e: #< 0i'e:  #< mins1 =< mins />ne class period is #< minutes2 Source of lesson: #th lesson:  #th grade )cience Te!t'oo3 /pages 8=1?#2( @rainPop Safet$ considerations+ considerations + )tudents -ill 'e using scissors to cut their folda'les$ )tudents -ill need to handle the scissors in a safe manner$

Content and Strategies (+rocedure

Engage: Teacher Teacher -ill revie- the 8 different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum and -hat visi'le light is$ Teachers -ill sho- students a 'lue colored te!t 'oo3 and as3 students -hat color  is 'eing reflected off of the te!t'oo3$ The should all ans-er 'lue$ After students ans-er that .uestion( as3 them -hat colors are 'eing a'sor'ed in the 'oo3$ The should 'e a'le to ans-er saing that all others other than 'lue are 'eing a'sor'ed -hich is -h 'lue is the onl color 'eing reflected$ The teacher -ill then give the students multiple e!amples as3ing them -hat colors are 'eing reflected and a'sor'ed in each o':ect$ >nce students are a'le to grasp the concept of colors 'eing reflected and a'sor'ed( students -ill -atch a @rainpop video on the

Electromagnetic spectrum$ Discussion on definitions of unfamiliar -ords and ne- concepts 'rought up in the video$ https+66---$'rainpop$com6science6energ6electromagneticspectrum6previe-$-eml E!.lore: Teacher -ill pass out a folda'le to ever student$ Tell students that the -ill need to cut along the gra lines to create each section( and la'el each front part of the folda'le -ith the 8 different tpes of -aves in the electromagnetic spectrum$ It must 'e e!plained to the students that the order of the la'els does matter$ The -aves should 'e in order of longest to shortest$ The students -ill follo- along -ith a Po-erPoint that has all of the definitions of each -ave$ E!plain to students that on the inside of the folda'le( the -ill -rite the correct definition seen on the Po-erPoint slidesho-( and name at least one e!ample of the tpe of -ave$ and out scissors to each ta'le( and allo- students to 'egin -or3ing$ During this portion( the teacher -ill -al3 around and o'serve the students -hile the -or3( and ans-er an .uestions the ma have$ The teacher -ill as3 .uestions such as( BCan anone give me e!amples for -hen gamma ras are used BIn -hat order are the seven parts of the electromagnetic spectrum https+66docs$google$com6presentation6d6%'n3P33.Wt>ENT
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